November 6, 1981.

The day of their parent’s funeral they decided to run away.

Alisha and Ben sat in the grass as they stared at the men that were carrying the two coffins to their parent’s grave. They stared at the priest who was saying the stuff that one might say at a funeral.
The thing was, Ben and Alisha’s parents had been murdered. Why it was done to them, no one knew. No one knew who killed them or why. All they knew what that when Alisha and Ben came in there room the next day, their bodies were missing and on the bedside table there was a note that read,

I killed your parent’s. Do not come looking for me for if or when you do I will be past the Gates of Kosem. If you are wondering why I did this you will never know. So, lets just put it this way. Your parent’s had something very valuable that belonged to me. They stole it from me and it took me years to track down what once belonged to me and your parent’s. For their crime’s I killed them. And they deserved it very much.


Don’t look for me or you will parish along side your parents.

Their aunt came over to them and put one shoulder on each child. Streams of tears began to run down her cheeks. Instead of doing what their aunt was doing, Ben and his sister just stood there. They weren’t crying or any thing.

That night Alisha was sleeping when a hand clomped over her mouth. She tried to scream but it came out all muffled. Then she noticed whom the hand belonged to. “Ben?” she croaked, still half asleep. “What are you doing in my room?”
“We’re getting out of here tonight.” he said to her.
“I said we’re getting out tonight, we’re running away. She stared at him for what seemed forever. Then She hopped out of bed fully dressed already as if she’d been expecting this. “You’re already dressed?” Ben asked.
She did a little shrug “Didn’t feel like changing into pajamas.”
“Oh,” Ben said. They tiptoed down the stairs when they heard a creek in the floorboards. They froze in mid-track. They saw a light come on upstairs.
"Ben, Alisha?" Where are you?" It was their aunt.
"Quick!" Ben said to Alisha. "Before she finds the note I wrote and makes uncle hire a search party to find us."
"You wrote them a note? What did it say, where are we..." her voice trailed off as they raced past the front door and into the shadows of the night.


As the two children raced through the night, they grew very wary. “We’re going to have to stop somewhere and rest.” “How about a tavern?” Alisha asked. “There are plenty of taverns around here.” “I guess that would work” Ben said. They walked for about twenty more minutes until they saw a tavern that looked just right. They went inside. The woman at the desk looked up at them as they approached. She studied them for a while with a blank stare and then asked, “Aren’t you a bit young to be out alone at this time of night unaccompanied by a guardian?” Alisha looked a little doubtful at Ben and then said, “Ah, ma’am? We are the niece and nephew of the Rendels.” The woman looked up questioningly at her. “They’re the ones that own the mansion on Valley Creek Lane.” Ben quickly explained. The woman looked wide-eyed at them. Everyone in town knew what had happened a week ago to their parents because it had been all over the news. Ben told the woman about to note and how they had run away to find who murdered their parents and why. “That is why we need to stay here for a little while, to rest.” Alisha piped in after her brother had finished the story. The woman nodded slowly. The kids paid there fine. Then the woman led them up to the second floor where all of the finest rooms were. She stopped at one door, took out a key and put it in the lock. There was a click and then she opened the door. The three of them stepped in the room. The air was fresh and the beds looked so welcoming that the two just wanted to run over and jump in the beds. But of course they didn’t. The woman showed them where their key was so when they left their room, they could lock it. She also showed them the numbers to punch in if they wanted room service instead of going downstairs to eat. She thought that they would need some privacy for a while. She was right. Ben and his sister were glad because they didn’t want people to recognize them from the pictures in the newspaper. They thanked their hostess for her hospitality and she left.

A few days later they were sitting on their beds talking about where they were heading. Ben had a map laid out before him. They were going to head to the west since that was where the Gates of Kosem was, when a light knock came on their door. " I'll get that." Alisha said. She got up and started walking over to the door as Ben continued to stare at the map intently. Alisha opened the door. "May I come in, I'm the cleaning girl." there was a young, tall girl. Not much older than them. Thirteen, fourteen at least. "Of course." Alisha said kindly. The girl stepped into the room. The light in the room was so bight, she had to shade her eyes. Once she got used to the light, she took her hand away from her small, thin face. She scanned the room. Then she started to walk over to the beds. Then she walked to the bathroom and then to the desk. There was nothing in their room for her to clean. "You are very neat people," she said a little shocked. "usually people who stay here are such slobs. Thank you for keeping this room clean, it saved me a lot of time." Ben and Alisha both smiled.