This is a story about my two cats.


Off On An Adventure

“Wake up Rainstorm.” Dusty started to paw his brother softly.
“Come on, don’t you want to go outside?!”
“Yeah, um, sure?”
“Well lets get moving then! Get up you lazy piece of cat fur!”
“Excuse me but I am a cat and that is what I prefer to be called.”
Rainstorm snarled at his little brother.

The two cats walked down the soft stairs. You could hear the pat, pat, pat of their tiny paws against the carpet as they walked off the stairs. Jordy opened the door for the two cats.
“Hey Kris, your coffee is in the kitchen!” he said to his lovely wife who had just come down.

As the two cats (one large one and one small one) set out on the pavement they had know idea what trouble they were about to get their selves into.


A Mouse That Was Going To Be Lunch, Saves Their Lives

When the cats finally reached the corner they found a little, tinny tiny mouse standing in their way and you probably know how cats are with mice (not a good sign).
“Well hello there.” Dusty said to the little mouse. His eyes started to gleam like little crystals. At the same time he started licking his lips and drool poured out of his mouth.
The mouse did not respond and didn’t even move.
“Um,” Rainstorm started to say, “Are you sure if that mouse is even alive, because it is standing really still and…”
His voice started to trail of, and as it did it seemed that the wind was there to pick it up and carry it away.
“Duh, I’m sure, no I’m not sure, I’m positive it’s alive.”
OK, ok, just take it easy man!”
Then, suddenly the mouse started to move and as it did is spoke!
“I am the guard of the catmicter meeting and if you intend on eating me I shall beat you up before you can blink your big eye!”
The voice was bigger than the cats had expected, and a whole lot squeakier.