The Black Shadow In The Night

Chapter 1

It was 12:00 at midnight. It was pitch black except for a faint light in the distance. There was a shadow lurking in the night. The shadow was gazing at the faint light. The light was coming from a little house in the woods. Inside the house were many anxious shouts and then all went quiet. Then there was a scream of agony. The next moment all you could her were the faint cries of a new born baby and whispers. The baby was being whispered words of life. Suddenly, all in the house went black. It slowly got colder and it felt as if all the life, love, and joy were getting sucked up. When the lights flickered back on, there were horrified screams and shouts. Then one woman let out a shriek and then began to sob, for her baby was gone.

Chapter 2

The wind was howling through the night.